Chemicals, Solvents, Oils and Paints

Chemical, Solvent, Oil and Paint Removal

Whether your cleaning our your home garage, office building or construction or demolition site, you're probably going into items and materials that are considered hazardous require special disposal. Even though there are strict regulations, chemical, solvent, oil and paint disposal doesn't have to be complicated.

Our teams are licensed, insured and trained to provide safe and regulation-compliant removal of your unwanted materials. Contact us for a free quote that includes labor, transportation, recycling and disposal of your hazardous materials.

While many of our prices are available online, we provide customized quotes for junk remove services that involve hazardous materials. This way there are never any surprises and you know exactly what you can expect to pay.

Chemical, Solvent, Oil and Paint Disposal Regulations

Some leftover household products are considered to be Household Hazardous Waste by the EPA. These materials are classified as such because they can react, explode or catch fire, are corrosive or toxic. These materials can be dangerous to people or the environment and require special care and precautions when disposing of them.

We take pride in our responsible disposal practices. We are fully compliant with federal and local regulations. Our teams are trained and educated to thoroughly understand all environmental requirements, standards and best practices. We'll make sure your Household Hazardous Waste is handled and disposed of properly. If any of the materials we remove can be processed for recycling, we'll make sure they are sorted and taken to the proper facility.