Printers, Copiers and Fax Machines

Printer, Copiers and Fax Machine Removal

Is your office upgrading your old printer or copier? Reclaim office space and book an appointment with ASAP Site Services Waste. We'll remove your old fax machine, scanner and printer and process them for recycling.

Regardless of what condition your equipment is in, we'll take care of everything. All you need to do is book the appointment. You can view our prices online so you’ll know we won't break your budget. Our prices include labor, transportation, recycling and disposal of your unwanted equipment.

Office equipment in working order will be donated to a local charity. Any devices and accessories that are no longer usable are recycled. We responsibly dispose of any materials that can't be reused or recycled.

Recycling Printers, Copiers and Fax Machines

We care about our community and the environment which is why we take our commitment to responsible disposal seriously.

Many electronic devices, including printers, scanners and fax machines, contain materials that can be harmful to your health and the environment. These items should never be thrown out with common household waste. When we dispose of your printers, copiers and fax machines, all components that contain hazardous materials are removed and disposed of separately in compliance with local and federal regulations.

We do this to protect your company as well as public health and the environment. Unsafe disposal of printers, copiers, fax machines and other office equipment can result in large fines for your business. Chemicals and toxic heavy metals, including cadmium and lead, can be found in many of these electronics and can enter the environment and accumulate in crops, livestock, fish, drinking water and the air we breathe.

Visit for more information on recycling electronics and a list of over 200 household items you can recycle.