Computers and Monitors

Computer, Laptop and Monitor Recycling and Removal

Technology is constantly evolving and increasing the amount of obsolete equipment crowding up your office space. Upgrading your desktops, laptops and networking equipment can be a costly and complex process. Disposing of your old equipment doesn’t have to be. We handle your computer, laptop and monitor recycling for you.

Book an appointment and we’ll send a team to remove your unwanted computer hardware. Our prices include labor, transportation and disposal of your unwanted tech. If you have a large or complex computer removal job or other special requests, contact us and we’ll send an expert to assess the job and provide you with a free custom estimate.

When we remove your computers, monitors, laptops and network equipment, we’ll also take any power cables, battery backup, laptop docks, keyboards and other computer accessories. We can even take computer component such as hard drives and motherboards.

Computer Donation and Recycling

Because of the sensitive information on them and the hazardous materials in them, unsafe disposal of computers, computer monitors, servers and similar devices can result in large fines. Protect your business, clients and customers by using a company you can trust. We’ll ensure your computer equipment is properly disposed of to protect your information and keep harmful materials out of landfills.

After our tech removal experts finish loading your unwanted devices, they’ll take the load to be sorted. Equipment that is still in working order will be wiped of information and donated. Computer equipment that is no longer working will be recycled. While recyclable materials are salvaged from your computers, tablets and other devices, any components containing hazardous materials will be separated for disposal in accordance with federal and local regulations.

We are committed to responsible disposal. We do this to protect you, your business, the community and the environment. Visit to learn more about recycling computers and other electronics.