Boardroom Tables

Boardroom Table Removal

Updating office furniture can be costly and time consuming but removing your old board table doesn't have to either. Boardroom tables are often large, cumbersome and difficult to move. Book an appointment and we'll handle your boardroom table removal promptly without breaking the budget.

You can view our prices online or contact us for a custom quote for large or complex office furniture removal requests. All of our prices include labor, transpiration, recycling and disposal of your unwanted boardroom table, chair and other furniture. The only thing our prices will never include is hidden fees.

Hiring the professionals to remove boardroom furniture isn't just the convenient thing to do, it's also the responsible option. Our teams are licensed, insured and trained to safety load, transport and dispose of  your unwanted boardroom furniture.

We Recycle Your Boardroom Tables and Chairs

We are committed to protecting the environment through responsible disposal practices. When we remove your boardroom table, chairs and other office furnishings, we separate any usable furniture and take it to be donated to a local charity.

Anything that cannot be reused is sorted and taken to the appropriate facility for processing and recycling. We are proud to say up to 80% of the junk we remove is kept out of landfills.

You can visit to learn more about the importance of recycling.