Professional Office Junk Removal and Clean Up

Cleaning out an office responsibly can be complicated, especially since computers, monitors and other electronics can't be thrown out with regular garbage. Don't stress! From upgrading a printer to renovating an entire office complex, we've got you covered for all your office junk removal and disposal needs. We'll even recycle your old computers, printer, monitors and other equipment whenever possible.

Book an appointment and we’ll send a team to remove your unwanted office junk. Our prices include labor, transportation and disposal of your unwanted tech, furniture, cubicles and other office items. If you have a large or complex computer removal job or other special requests, contact us and we’ll send an expert to assess the job and provide you with a free custom estimate.

Responsible Disposal

We value our community and our commitment to responsible disposal. Our waste diversion practices result in as much as 80% of our loads being reused or recycled, dramatically decreasing the impact on our community and the environment.

Harmful chemicals and components are separated and disposed of safely, in compliance with all applicable regulations. To learn more about the importance of recycling, visit