Golf Carts

Golf Cart Removal

Whether you're cruising around your neighborhood or the back nine, golf carts are a popular way to get around. But when your golf cart loses its go, don't let it hang around taking up space and collecting dust. Our teams of golf cart removal professionals are available to get your unwanted golf cart out of your way quick.

All you have to do is book an appointment and a licensed and insured team will be on their way to you.

We offer straight forward, convenient and affordable golf cart removal, and provide upfront pricing you can view online anytime. Our prices include labor, transportation, recycling and disposal. There never any hidden fees.

Golf Cart Recycling and Disposal

When we pick up your old, unwanted golf cart, our team will assess it's condition. When possible, your golf cart or some of it's parts will be donated for reuse or repurposing. If your golf cart isn't in good enough condition to be donated, it will be disassembled for recycling. During this process, any hazardous materials are removed and disposed of safely and in accordance with regulations.

Golf cart batteries contain hazardous materials, including lead and acid. It is important to properly dispose of these batteries, and that means you can't throw them out in the trash with regular household waste. As much as 97% of the lead in old golf cart batteries can be recycled and reused in new batteries. Recycling lead acid batteries, the kind found in golf carts, is important to protect your health and the environment.

We are committed to responsible disposal and encourage you to learn more about the importance of recycling by visiting