Pool Removal

Inground, above ground, fiberglass, concrete, vinyl and kiddie are some of the most common types of pools. But the most notorious type of swimming pool is the unwanted pool. Thankfully, the professionals at ASAP Site Services Waste are here to handle your pool removal needs.

We'll remove any type of unwanted pool and help you reclaim your space.Whether you need a pool filled in or a pool deck removed, all you have to do is book the appointment and we'll handle the rest. Our pricing is straight forward and includes labor, transportation, disposal and recycling of all materials. What we never include are hidden fees or surprise charges. You can view our prices online anytime or contact us to get a quote for complex jobs.

No matter what your pool situation is, we're confident we can help.

Recycling and Responsible Disposal

We believing in treating our customers, community and environment with respect with is why we are committed to responsible disposal of your unwanted pool, pump and other accessories. We evaluate everything we remove. When possible, we salvage materials for reuse and donate your unwanted junk to local charities.

When items cannot be reused or donated, we make sure they are taken to the appropriate facilities and processed for recycling. This allows valuable materials to be reused and protects the environment by reducing the need to harvest new materials.

Our teams also carefully remove and separate any materials that are potentially hazardous to people or the environment. These materials are disposed of safely and in accordance with regulations and our own best practices.

You can visit RecycleGuide.org to learn more about how you can benefit your community and the environment by recycling.