Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Removal

Ready to reclaim your space and remove that old hot tub? Take back your patio or yard, and let us remove that hot tub you no longer use.

Hot tubs are extremely heavy, sometimes weighing as much at 1,000 pounds. They can also decay and become unstable over time. Proper care and procedure should be used when removing a hot tub or Jacuzzi to minimize the risk of personal and property damage. Our teams are trained to safely and efficiently remove your old hot tub and leave you with a clean, open space.

When removing your hot tub, our team will ensure all hook-ups are disconnected, disassemble the surrounding base or skirt, and remove the tub. Whether your hot tub is above ground, in-ground, or surrounded by a gazebo or deck, we will disconnect, dismantle, remove and dispose of your old Hot Tub, Jacuzzi or Spa.

How It Works

Book your appointment online and our team of professionals will arrive to remove your hot tub and any other junk you need hauled away. All you need to do is point at what you want to see gone and we'll do the rest. When we remove your junk, we'll clean up the area and leave you with a tidy space so you can get on with your day. After we leave, we will donate, recycle or dispose of your hot tub and other junk.

We make every effort to donate or recycle your hot tub and other junk whenever possible.