Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Removal

Do you have old lawn chairs and weathered picnic tables and umbrellas crowding up your backyard and patio space? Don't tolerate it for another day. We'll take care of your patio furniture removal so you can go back to enjoying your outdoor space.

Skip the hassle if lugging, loading and dumping your unwanted patio furniture. Book an appointment and our qualified team of professionals will remove any outdoor furnishings you no longer want and leave you with a clean space when they are done. All you have to do is tell them what you want gone and they will handle the rest.

Our full service junk removal prices are available online and include labor, transportation and disposal of your unwanted deck and patio furniture.

Reusing and Recycling Patio Furniture

We know your time is valuable, which is why our teams work efficiently to remove your junk as quickly as possible. But our work doesn't stop when we leave. We carefully sort through every load we remove.

Usable patio furniture and other outdoor equipment is donated to local charities for reuse. Outdoor furnishings that cannot be used will be processed and sorted for recycling then transported to the appropriate facility.

We are committed to responsible disposal and our waste diversion practices result in as much as 80% of our loads being reused or recycled, dramatically decreasing the impact on our community and the environment.