Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment Removal

You want to run but your treadmill doesn't. That home gym didn't look so big at the store, but now now it's taking up half your living room. ASAP Site Services Waste can help you free up space in minutes.

We'll remove your unwanted home gym equipment and any other junk you need out of your way so you can get back to enjoying your space.

Simply book an appointment and our team of junk removal experts will head over to take care of the rest. From malfunctioning elliptical machines to weight benches and stationary bikes, we'll get it out of your way fast. You won't have to worry about lifting anything and we'll provide all-inclusive pricing before getting started so there are no surprises.

Remove, Reuse, Recycle

We’re not only junk removal experts, we’re also pros at recycling. If your stair master or rower is still in working order, we’ll donate it to a local charity. We’re also experienced with recycling gym equipment, so if your exercise bike has spun it's last cycle, we’ll recycle it and responsibly dispose of any waste.

It’s important to recycle and properly dispose of your exercise equipment and its components. Recycling saves valuable resources including metal, glass and plastic and, after being dismantled, components that contain hazardous materials are removed and disposed of separately. Safe and responsible disposal helps prevent the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.