Phone Removal

How many old cells phones do you have tucked away in the closet? If you’re ready to reclaim your storage space, book an appointment with ASAP Site Services Waste.

We’ll send a team to gather and remove your collection of cell phones, pagers and corded or cordless home phones and headsets. You tell us what you wantremoved, where it is located, and we’ll handle everything else.

Our pricing is simple, upfront and includes labor, transportation and disposal of your phones. While we’re there, we can also remove any wiring and other household junk cluttering up your space.

Cell Phone Recycling

Your old cell phone or smartphone may be obsolete, but that doesn’t always mean it’s trash. Many organization, including shelters, churches and elderly care services, can reuse cell phones to assist individuals and families in emergencies.

If your cell phone is no longer operational, it should be disassembled to remove hazardous components and salvage recyclable material. Cell phone recycling helps reduce the need to harvest new resources and prevents dangerous chemicals to leaching into the environment.

We are committed to responsible disposal. When we remove your phones, pagers and other electronics, we’ll sort everything to ensure it is reused, recycled or disposed of safely and in accordance with national and local regulations.

Visit for more information on phone recycling and a list of over 200 household items you can recycle.