DVD Players and VCRs

VCR, Game Console and DVD Player Removal

Replacing your old DVD or Blu-ray Player? Did your VCR finally bite the dust? Don’t toss them in the trash. Book an appointment today and we’ll send a team of professionals to handle your game console and DVD player removal and safely recycle or dispose of your unwanted electronics.

We sort your junk for reuse and recycling. Safe disposal of hazardous components is included in our prices along with labor and transportation. Whether you're getting rid of a PlayStation, XBox, Wii, Blu-ray player or VCR, we’ll make sure it, along with any controllers, remotes or other accessories, is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Recycling Electronics

Electronic devices often contain lead, cadmium and mercury. These chemicals can leach into the environment and accumulate in crops, livestock, fish, drinking water and the air we breathe. Materials like these need to be separated from everyday household waste.

Additionally, many of these devices can be donated for reuse. While they may seem like obsolete equipment, many electronics can find second lives at schools, churches and local charities. When we removed your junk electronics, we make sure usable equipment is put to good use in your community.

Donation, recycling and safe disposal are all part of our commitment to responsible disposal of unwanted junk. Visit RecycleGuide.org for more information on recycling and a list of recyclable items.