Dead Sod

Dead Sod Removal

Your newly sodded lawn took a turn for the worse and now you're stuck dealing with dead sod removal. We're guessing your don't have a sod cutter hanging, and even if you did, do you really want to have to lift, load, haul and dump all that dead sod on your own? ASAP Site Services Waste is here to help.

When you book an appointment, we'll send out a license and insured team of sod removal experts to take care of everything. Our junk removal prices include labor, transportation, recycling and disposal and are based on the amount of dead sod removed from your site, not the time it takes to load or haul it. We even clean up the area before leaving. You can view our upfront pricing any time.

Our safe and efficient junk removal services are also environmentally friendly. All you have to do is book the appointment or contact us for a quote and our team will handle the heavy lifting for you. When we’re finished loading your dead sod, we’ll haul it away, leaving you with clean slate for some fresh landscaping.

Dead Sod Disposal

We are committed to responsible disposal, which is why we probably won't be taking any of your dead sod and other yard waste to a landfill. Your dead sod may never some back to life, but that doesn't mean it can't have a new one. Dead sod is great for composting, filler dirt and other landscaping uses.

We'll ensure your dead sod and other organic matter is taken to the proper facilities to be processed for reuse instead of disposal with other common household waste. Our waste diversion practices result in as much as 80% of our loads being reused or recycled, dramatically decreasing the impact on our community and the environment.