Air Conditioners and Heaters

Air Conditioner and Heater Removal

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, is amazing technology that keeps you comfortable year round. At least until your AC unit bites the dust, then what? Removing a window unit can be difficult and dangerous and, on top of that, it can't be thrown out with everyday garbage. The refrigerant in these units can be dangerous to you and the environment.

Rather than trying to deal with removing a window unit on your own or struggling to remove and dispose of a defunct central heating and cooling unit, simply book an appointment online and we'll handle everything for you. Our upfront pricing means no mystery charges or hidden fees and always includes labor, transportation, recycling and disposal of your unwanted air conditioners and heaters.

Recycling and Responsible Disposal

All good things come to an end, this includes your air conditioning and heating unit. If your unit is still in working condition, we'll donate it to a local charity for reuse. If it is past the point of repair, we'll remove any refrigerant before disassembling and recycling the unit.

Please do not attempt to remove refrigerant yourself. Always have a trained professional handle refrigerant recovery safely and in accordance with regulations.

After refrigerant recovery, hazardous components are separated and all recyclable materials are salvaged for reuse. Safe and responsible disposal is always our priority.