Dirt, Rocks and Sand

Dirt, Rock and Sand Removal

Whether your preparing a new site, clearing out space for ongoing project, or leveling a large area, dirt removal is a big job. Don't let heavy rocks and loading large amounts of sand can slow down your progress.

Instead of renting a dumpster and providing the labor yourself, book an appointment with ASAP Site Services Waste. We'll send a team of professionals to lift, load and remove your dirt, rocks, sand and other heavy materials for you. All you have to do is tell them what you need gone. Our team will load your debris, then haul it away for recycling or disposal. There’s no extra charge for labor.

Our pricing includes labor, transportation, recycling and disposal of your unwanted materials and is based on how much material is removed, not how long the job takes. For large, involved or complex debris removal projects, contact us and we will send an expert to assess the job and provide you with a free custom estimate.

Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

We are committed to responsible disposal of your construction and demolition debris and other heavy and dense materials. In addition to removing these items for you, we will sort through everything we remove and recycle as much material as possible. This means we're turning your waste materials into new resources and keeping them out of landfills. Up to 80% of the junk we haul is separated for recycling before disposing of the remaining materials. These waste diversion practices reduce the impact on the environment by recovering, reusing, and recycling materials whenever possible.

All hazardous materials are always removed and disposed of properly in accordance with regulations.