Bathtubs, Sinks and Toilets

Sink, Toilet and Bathtub Removal

Your bathroom remodeling project may start small, but removing that old bathtub can be a big job. Even if you can lift and move them, toilet, shower, sink, counter top, and bathtub removal and disposal can be just as difficult and time consuming. Our teams are licensed and insured and come prepared to handle all your plumbing junk and debris removal needs.

Our junk removal prices include labor, transportation, recycling and disposal and are based on the amount of junk removed from your site, not the time it takes to load or haul them. We also offer bulk waste removal for larger or complex projects.

Our safe and efficient junk removal services are also environmentally friendly. All you have to do is book the appointment or contact us for a quote and our team will handle the heavy lifting for you. When we’re finished loading your remnants and debris, we’ll haul it away, leaving you with a clean space.

Recycling Matters

Our work doesn't stop when we leave with your old bathroom sink and garden tub. We're not only junk removal experts, we're experts at recycling your old bathroom waste. From fittings and faucets to whirlpool bath tubs, if your bathroom debris can be reused, we'll take them to be donated and put to work for someone else. We're also experienced with recycling all kinds of renovation waste, so if your vanity counter can't be saved, we'll recycle it and responsibly dispose of any waste.

When any junk is recycled, it saves valuable resources including metal, glass and plastic. While your bathroom plumbing accessories are dismantled to recycle these materials, any that contain hazardous materials are removed and disposed of separately. Safe and responsible disposal of construction junk and debris helps prevent the release of chemicals into the environment and reduces the impact on landfills.